(Self-motivated Project) A local appliance repair shop, Panhandle Appliance was in need of a fresh look.  I provided an updated version of the existing logo design as if the customer had only asked for that.  I also went into a new direction, developing a total re-branding and providing examples.


The look of the shop before was a bit tired and dated.  The logo itself was very generic and due for a refresh.

Traditional Refresh:

With the traditional refresh I kept the same feel of the existing design yet still provided a new, more modern look.  The application example provided illustrates the new logo used on the store front signage.

Tropical Concept:

With the Tropical Concept I played with the idea and theme that Panhandle Appliance Parts is located in the Panhandle of Florida.  Palm trees, brighter orange tones and a brisk, hand-written style font finish off this concept.  In the applications, I show the logo used alongside a stylish vehicle wrap, window posters and after a fresh coat of paint, an eye-popping store front sign.