My journalism career began in 1998 as a freshmen in high school.  I took Journalism I as an elective for no other reason than of the other choices available, it seemed the most interesting.  That freshmen year would see me working with the largest staff of my career to date.  There were close to one hundred journalism students.  Of those, about twenty actually took the class seriously.  Freshmen year in high school journalism would set into motion a journey spanning almost two decades now.

My first writing assignment was something about an upcoming event at school, nothing special.  Still, seeing my first byline was enough to get me hooked.  The atmosphere of the class and the "news room" feel my journalism teacher set up was very intriguing.  During my first year as a journalism student I focused on the basics of reporting, always about the most menial topics.  

Sophomore year saw a change in the news room.  A new teacher, a tad smaller class, and more focused topics.  By this time I was in my second year of not just journalism, but in photography and Naval Science as well.  I found myself reporting more on things to do with the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) unit, military and school politics.

During the summer in-between my sophomore and junior year I was propelled into being the Editor-In-Chief.  The senior that was originally slated for the position was tragically killed in a car accident.  This would mark my first role as an editor.  Junior year was rough.  I really had no clue what I was doing, and had little oversight from the journalism teacher.  We changed formats, the name, and the printer.  Not only was I editing content and writing content, I was doing all of the layout and design as well, plus marketing to advertisers in addition to managing the staff.

Senior year in journalism was interesting.  By 2001, I was not only the Editor-In-Chief of the school paper, I was also the yearbook's senior photography editor and the NJROTC unit's Public Affairs Officer.  Journalism took up four class periods of my schedule (Journalism IV, Journalism I teacher's aide, Photography IV and NJROTC).  I was even able to take two day trips to Tulane University to tour their journalism department.

Since high school, I've been involved with several projects that has allowed me the opportunity to write, report, and promote.  These projects have ranged from traditional reporting to editorial writing to public relations and marketing.

In 2003 I began my first website,  The Speedzine was a motorsports based website that focused on news and opinion about the motorsports world.

In 2008 I served as a writer for, a technology based blogging network.  The blog I wrote was called "Technobabble"

In 2011 I was hired as a photo journalist and correspondent for a motorsports news website,

In 2013 I worked in multimedia marketing for the All Pro Simulated Racing League.

In 2014 I became the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Federated Association of Simulation Teams.

In 2015 I worked in public relations for the Ascending the Ranks of Champions Racing Series.